Snow Foolin’

TitleDebuted in 1949

6 minutes

Plot in 3 Sentences: It’s the first day of winter and a mountain of snow falls in the forest. The animals respond by putting on their fur coats, engaging in winter sports and having a snowball fight. A mother hen encourages a sing-along of Jingle Bells and the lyrics appear onscreen for everyone to join in.

Fun Fact: The smoking penguin that goes ice skating by is a caricature of Willie the Penguin, who was the mascot for Kool cigarettes at the time.

My thoughts: The Screen Songs shorts got their start in 1929 and were produced by Fleischer Studios and then by Famous Studios through 1951. I’m not old enough to remember when these played in theaters, but I remember seeing them on TV during the various hours of cartoon programming when I was a kid and I was always in awe of the idea of a whole theater full of people singing along with a bouncing ball. This seems to be the only Christmas themed sing-along short (yes, I realize the song is not really about Christmas, but it’s part of the holiday canon so it counts), which is surprising, as Christmas carols would seem like a natural choice for something like this. There are a couple of chuckles in the animated montage that precedes the song, but it’s mostly just a lot of filler. My favorite thing in the montage was during the scenes of animals skating on the frozen pond, when they showed that fish were skating upside down on the bottom side of the ice.

Coffee Turtle

This turtle brought to you by Keurig.

8 the hard way

When you’re not good enough to do a figure eight.

Snowball cannon

Many a snowball war was won or lost on the strength of an elephant cannon.

One horse open sleigh

Sing along, kids!  Just follow the bouncing snowball!

Individual Superlative: Bring This Back! – Considering the success they have had recently with sing-along features in the theater, I think they should resurrect the Screen Songs series. Anyone with me? No? Just me? Okay.

Want to Watch it? Snow Foolin’ is available on YouTube.