Aliens First Christmas


Debuted in 1991

26 minutes

Plot in 3 Sentences: The Peoples family is celebrating their first Christmas on the planet Zolonia and it’s not going well. Roger accidentally destroys all the decorations and then tries to buy gifts that turn out to actually be dangerous creatures. Their neighbors, Mavo and Charlick Zox, try to lift their spirits by recreating the holiday and their kind thoughts help create a little Christmas magic.

Fun Fact: In Aliens Next Door, the first pilot in this would-be series, it looks like the planet was originally called Bolognia.

My thoughts: This was actually a second pilot episode of what the creators were hoping would get picked up for an animated series, but that was one Christmas wish that never came true. The show opens with a song that explains the backstory, in which an American family is relocated to a distant planet and I’m sure there were plans for all sorts of wacky hijinks to happen in which the Earthlings were seen as the ones with all the strange habits. This one is a mass of cliché and predictable humor and not much to recommend it, really, although you could watch it to see if you can count how many elements are stolen from other television shows. The family’s pet, for example, seems like the Jetson’s Astro and the Flintstone’s Dino got together and had a baby. The Peoples’ son, Benny, is like a poor man’s Elroy Jetson but with an absolutely ridiculous voice. Of course, their neighbors misunderstand everything about the holiday and get it all wrong, but who shows up to save the day? Santa Claus! Apparently his magical reindeer can not only fly, but can also travel in space!


Roger is thoroughly shocked.

Not a hat

How does he seriously think this monster thing is a hat?

Alien Tree

The Zox’s misread ‘pine tree’ as ‘spine tree.’  It’s funny, right?

Surprise Xmas

Oh look, it’s a Merry Christmas after all!

Individual Superlative: A Man of Many Hats – Jerry Reynolds provides the voice of Roger, but is also a writer, director, producer, animator and composer on this show.

Want to Watch it?Aliens First Christmas is available on VHS, DVD and YouTube.


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